Limited Warranty

Shell Rapid Lube Limited Warranty Statement for Standard Vehicle Maintenance Work

Shell Rapid Lube facilities are owned and operated by independent business men and women. Each owner appreciates your business and hopes that your visit was an enjoyable experience, arid of course, looks forward to seeing you in 3 months or 3000 miles. Shell Rapid Lube owners recognize that you take great care of your investments, especially your investment in your automobile(s). We also take great care of our investments which include our business and you the customer. Please review SRL Warranty Statement thoroughly and please ask us if you have any questions, and remember our warranty statement keeps both of our investments in mind.


The customer must stop operations of the car immediately and notify SRL if he or she notices fluid leaks, illumination of the engine oil light; or any unusual noises or sounds after services have been rendered. If the customer continues to operate the vehicle after noticing any of the above, then this limited warranty will be void.

This limited warranty includes all services performed by Shell Rapid Lube (SRL). This limited warranty covers your SRL service and all additional services and products shown on the original invoice, including but not limited to, oil; oil filters, air filters, fluid changes, serpentine belts. wiper blades, transmission service and differential service. If the oil filter, fluids other parts or services performed by SRL fail to perform properly during the warranty period, SRL will install a new oil filter, refill any fluids, replace any defective parts(s) that it installed or perform a service listed on the original invoice. Services are warranted for 3 months or 1,000 miles. This limited warranty only applies during this warranty period. Shell Rapid Lube is not a franchise, an service offerings may vary from location to location.

The customer agrees that if. any problems related to services performed by SRL occur within 30 days of service, the customer will promptly notify the SRL facility that rendered the services. SRL will have the first opportunity to conduct any inspection and/or correct any problems related to services performed. If any party(ies) conducts any test or repairs on a problem prior to SRL’s inspection, then the limited warranty will be voided and remove SRL from any liability for damages or expenses.

Thank you,

Shell Rapid Lube

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