The axles of your vehicle are essential to preserving your safety on the road. They have the same level of importance like tires and brakes. Your car's weight is supported by axles. They help you drive the vehicle by connecting its wheels. The axles are a vital part of the steering system among the majority of cars, working with various components, including power steering fluid to ensure smooth turning.

The majority of people imagine a bar between 2 wheels, when they think of the word axle, as seen on train cars and wagons. However, the majority of axles are more complicated and they need the expert of a professional like the auto mechanics at Shell Rapid Lube/NAPA Auto Care Center in Magnolia, TX to inspect and repair them.

A large part of modern vehicles is built using split axles, meaning that the wheel on each axle's side is attached to a separate shaft. These split axles enable independent suspension of the right and left wheels, contributing for a much smoother ride. Those same modern designs allow the right and left wheels to rotate, as the car turns, at different speeds. The split axle extends tire life and improves traction by enabling each side to rotate at different speeds, saving your money in the future. This component is also known as the differential.

The CV joint is a component that connects the axle to the wheel. This very same joint is covered by a protective flexible covering, called CV joint boot. This boot can cause some serious problems causing grease to leak out. If it gets damaged It can cause premature failure of your CV axel.

Bring your car to Shell Rapid Lube/NAPA Auto Care Center in Magnolia, TX, so our team of experienced and certified technicians can inspect and repair your car's axles. If they have to be replaced with new ones, we have the best collection of parts in NAPA's inventory, so we can install them and get you back on the road in no time.

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