Your car's engine is the reason why your car is working and running. It should come as no surprise that when your engine is not in good shape, this means that your car won't be either. In this case, you are advised to pay a visit to your local auto repair shop. There are a couple of signs indicating that there's something wrong with your engine and you need to repair it:

Check Engine Light Turns On

If your car's check engine light is on, this is a certain sign that you have a problem with your emission, fuel or ignition system. This could be a very serious problem that requires immediate action.


If your engine in your vehicle stalls, this indicates that there's a problem with either your fuel system or your electrical system. The engine cannot ignite the gas in the cylinders of your vehicles and it needs immediate attention from a licensed technician.

Engine Clicking or Ticking

If your engine makes unusual noises, this could mean that you're having a problem with the oil pressure of your vehicle. A clogged or damaged oil pump could be blocking oil from reaching all the necessary components to run the vehicle.

If you want to keep your vehicle running at its peak performance, you need to keep its engine in the best possible condition. Drive your vehicle for its factory scheduled maintenance, perform annual emissions tests and if you have any concerns and questions about your vehicle, come to Shell Rapid Lube/NAPA Auto Care Center.

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